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I didn't become a lawyer to be bullied by the likes of you.
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Zoom Super traffic selfie! #Sinabinakasingwagnalumabasngbahay

Super traffic selfie! #Sinabinakasingwagnalumabasngbahay

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New car = new car plate holder. Thank you Karl!!!

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Zoom Best Bar buddy ever!!! #Winningstreak

Best Bar buddy ever!!! #Winningstreak

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Zoom She’s so pretty!!!

She’s so pretty!!!

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The (super late) Thank you message

I was a lousy barrister; spoiled, always hungry and very demanding.

On April 22, 2013, I started studying for the Bar. Come second week of May, I’m already on a break. Never read a single page for two weeks and resumed studying against my will on June. By July, I’m getting sick on almost a weekly basis; twice my Mom brought me to the hospital. I easily get annoyed with so little things: absence of food; missing pages from my reviewer; lack of available parking; ants and other insects; Anton’s mere presence; etc. Then came Bar month.

The Thank you part

To my parents, Josie Tolentino and Reyb Tolentino, I love you so much. Thank you for all your support (moral and financial). I don’t know how else to put my appreciation to words. I can thank you everyday and it still wouldn’t be enough.

To Shala Sta Maria, and by extension Chris Dianne Miniano Sanchez, including the entire Hotel operations, you guys experienced the worst of my barrister fury, thank you for all your help: for my reviewer (with plastic cover); food; water; and yosi.

To my Leonum family, thank you for practically adopting me and for all your solid efforts. My Bar experience would’ve been so much harder without you guys. To my Bar buddies, Edrich Gomez, Michael Jethro Opelanio, Boyet Verzosa, Matthew Mortega, Karl Umerez, Robert Beltran, Jai Bartolome, and Dan Tarraya, thank you so much: for my doggie (?) bag; Mentos; Imodium; Cobra; coffee; red velvet cheesecake; puto bumbong with cheese; for waking me up every Sunday; and for bringing my car to UST each week. To Angelo Veluz, thank you Dear for driving me to the hotel during the second week of Bar exams and for running to Mercury drugs to buy my Driclor.

To my Starbucks family, Lauren Go, Fritz Tarronas, and Miko Alivia, thank you for three straight weeks of free dinner. To JR Dela Cruz with your not so free dinner (I will forever love your spinach, in fact I’m craving the stupid thing again), thank you for coming to visit during the second and fourth week of Bar exams. To Jus Lamarca, thank you for being with me every step of the way and for bravely looking for my name on the list. I see you almost everyday and I still miss you when we’re not together. Clingy much?

To my UA&P friends, Anne Cuartero, Jeric Dapilos, and Angelo Barrameda, thank you for coming to visit during the second week of Bar exams. To my wife Michelle Alcantara, thank you for bringing Krispy Kreme. If you were a guy (Beyonce style), I’d certainly marry you.

To my highschool barkada (if you can call two people that) Mic Abaleña and Edu Caranto, thank you for taking the bus to come see me during the third week of Bar exams, and for eating my food. I appreciate it more than I could say really. To my other highschool barkada (Weird), Abbe Lopez, Angeli V. Garcia, Shine Alcantara, Anngelica Joy Burgos, Jessamine Sade-Catacutan, Ana Karmela Sumabat, Tel Velarde, and Krissel Velarde, and to my forever bestfriends Andee de Guzman-Que and Marc Vilar, thank you for all your love and support. Can’t wait to see you guys.

Lastly, to my boyfriend Anton Malamug, thank you for believing in me way more than I believe in myself. In this difficult journey, you’ve been nothing but calm (which I hate), and confident that we will pass this exam. I still can’t believe we did it! ILYSSM!!!


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How hard it is to make it look so easy.

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Zoom Congratulations Jr!!!

Congratulations Jr!!!

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When you are given five days to file an MR, you work on weekends. You also party with your friends and resume working thereafter.

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Zoom Libugan, North Cotabato. I wonder what they do for fun in Libugan. #Nailedit!

Libugan, North Cotabato. I wonder what they do for fun in Libugan. #Nailedit!

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